Whole House Nano-Filtration
Reverse Osmosis System

Whole House Water Purification Systems

The Luxury of Ultra Pure Water Throughout Your Home

Why settle for just filtered or softened water in your home when you can have pure water at every usage point. These systems provide the best water available that will be crystal clear and free from odours and tastes. Also they provide all the benefits of softened water without the need for cumbersome salt bags. These systems are truly the "No Salt Softeners"

Why You Need or Want it

These systems are designed for the discerning customer that wants sparkling clear water throughout their home. These systems will remove almost all contaminants that make your water aesthetically displeasing. They are even employed in situations were other treatment methods are unsuccessful at remedying the problems.

How It Works

Nano-Filtration and Reverse Osmosis provide filtration at the molecular level which allows them to filter out hardness, iron, tannins and other contaminants that conventional filtration cannot remove. This technology provides a very pure product without the need for more cumbersome and invasive methods such as chlorination and sedimentation.

Typical Results

  • Soft water without adding sodium
  • Trace contaminants reduced at every tap
  • No spotting of dishes and no need for wiping
  • Excellent secondary barrier against micro-organisms

Activated Carbon Filter Scale Control System (option)

Nano-Filtration Pre-Treatment

  • Quite often not required
  • Municipal water requires activated carbon for de-chlorination
  • Surface or lake waters require sediment filtration
  • Water containing high hardness may require chemical scale control

Nano-Filtration System Disinfection

Nano-Filtration System Disinfection

  • Assure microbial safe water from your system

Nano-Filtration Post Alkalization or De-Ionization

Nano-Filtration Post Alkalization or De-Ionization

  • Some installations include marble chip alkalizers to adjust treated water ph and alkalinity levels
  • In installations requiring laboratory grade water de-ionizers are used to polish the system product water making it some of the purest on earth