Water Softeners (Standard)

PDS softeners are our best selling water units employing current micro-processor technology to reliably provide you with softened water throughout your home. They employ the well proven polystyrene cation exchange removal process to provide you with water that is easy to work with throughout your home or workplace.
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Water Softeners (Iron Removal)

PDS-I softeners/filters are engineered for the customer with high trace metals in their water such as Iron and Manganese. The macro-porous cation exchange resin eliminates these staining metals producing clean usable water. Many seasoned water professionals and very surprised at the success of these superlative units.
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Water Softeners (Colour Removal)

PDCR/PDCRII softeners are engineered for the customer with humic colour in their water such as Tannin and Lignin. The cation exchange resin eliminates the characteristics of hard water and the anion cap removes the colour causing agents all in one compact unit.
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