Triplex and Duplex Purifiner

Presenting the new Purifiner TriPlex and DuPlex filter systems, available with UV sterilizers – The answer for many small system water treatment problems, from seasonal camps to process treatment. With sleek, rugged stainless brackets – available in 10” and 20” full flow housings with flow rates to 20GPM.
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Water Filters (Taste & Odour)

PCF Whole house carbon filters will remove chlorine and some of its byproducts from your water improving your waters taste and odour. These filters also find application as post filtration for chlorination systems.
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Zeolite Sediment Filters

PMF filters are the newest technology in sediment / turbidity reduction. Zeolite is a porous material that removes extremely small particles by trapping them internally. With sufficient bed depth this media is capable of achieving a nominal filtration rating of about 5 microns. Particles of this size would appear as a fog in the water and would be individually indistinguishable.
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